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Make payments in Lagos from Accra

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Seamlessly connect and transact across the continent and world.

We 'brij' the gap of global financial services in Africa. Our seamless products make doing business in Africa cheaper, faster, and fun.

Multiple currency wallets = Endless possibilities

Multiple currency wallets = Endless possibilities

With Brij Wallets, you can:
Open multi-currency bank accounts
Fund bank accounts from anywhere
+50 countries

BrijX — Currency exchange made easy!

It’s hard and expensive to convert African currencies. So we decided to make it easy and cheap. Exchange your local currency with other African and global currencies at the touch of a button with BrijX!

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Pay for Goods and Services

Our revolutionary payment platform takes the stress out of cross-border bill payments. Brij lets you pay bills to service providers directly, fast, and secure.

Make payments to Africa from anywhere

We make it easy, fast, and secure to pay your family and loved ones from anywhere around the world at the lowest fees imaginable.

Request money from loved ones faster, safer, and easier

Need to pay that medical bill or school fees? Easily request money from anyone anywhere across the globe, all you need is their mobile number to send bills they can pay directly.

Never run out of airtime, no matter what

Can’t stop talking to Bae? Instantly top-up from anywhere, on any network. Yes, we mean buy or send airtime to anyone across Africa.

Buy shares, bonds, and insurance

Connect to investment opportunities across Africa and beyond. Buy shares, bonds, treasury bills, and insurance from any country where Brij operates

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All financial transactions on Brij are highly secured and regulated Learn more

Empower your business with Brij

Open a self-service account with Brij to pay, spend, and receive multiple currencies, and make batch payments.

Brij for business is suitable for:
Small- to medium-sized businesses
Enterprise level businesses
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Delight customers with a seamless payments experience

Give your customers the gift of modern, frictionless, painless payments. Integrate Brij once and let your customers pay you however they want.

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We are backed by strong global partners

Simple. Make payments as easily as sending a text.

Make payments, receive money, request for money. Pay for goods and services across Africa without any hassle.

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